Help your patients return to balance.

Do you have a patient who is interested in exploring the benefits of hormonal health? Is conventional hormone replacement therapy not achieving the balance that your patient needs?

Custom Rx specializes in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), which are compounded hormones that are biologically identical to what the human body produces. Conventional hormone replacement components have a different structure than the body’s hormones, so the receptors’ response to these hormones may not address the numerous symptoms your patient is experiencing. Limited strengths of conventional therapy may also be a barrier to optimal health for patients. Let Custom Rx compound BHRT according to your prescription order for your patient’s specific needs. Help them to achieve the balance they deserve.


Restore quality of life for your patients.

Compounded according to your prescription order, Custom Rx provides custom pain creams that are specific to your patient and are to be applied topically directly to the site of pain. The cream is a personalized combination of medications and strengths for your unique patient. In addition to the medications, the cream contains a penetration enhancing base, which will improve the absorption of the medications at the target site. Topical application avoids first-pass metabolism through the liver and reduces the side effects that your patient may potentially experience. Relief for your patient is near.


Erectile dysfunction, weight gain, mood swings, fatigue. If your patient is experiencing symptoms of low testosterone, Custom Rx can compound an affordable and effective bio-identical testosterone treatment that is customized for him according to your prescription order. Are limited strengths of conventional testosterone therapy keeping your patient from reaching adequate testosterone levels? Let Custom Rx work with you to find a strength that will optimize healthy testosterone levels in a dosage form that will increase patient compliance. Help your patients find vitality and strength.


Does your patient have irritation and itching from a newly developed scar, or does the patient have an old scar that is hypertrophic or painful? Custom Rx has customized scar formulations that contain an anhydrous silicone base with active ingredients that help to decrease pruritus and erythema in new scars and encourage tissue remodeling in old scars improving texture, length, color and pigmentation. There are also formulations for patients who have tenderness associated with a mastectomy, c-section or surgery scar. Whether it be for aesthetics, or pain relief and mobility, Custom Rx can specially compound a scar formulation based on the patient’s unique needs in accordance with your prescription order.


Wound healing has never been more advanced. Custom Rx compounds wound care formulations with an adherent, but water washable base for easy cleansing and debridement. Compounded with antibiotics and antifungals, these formulas can help with infected wounds such as ulcers, burns, sores and cuts. Formulas can be customized to help improve tissue perfusion and to minimize pain by adding additional medications. Let Custom Rx provide your patient with a unique wound care compound.


If your patient is suffering from chronic rhinosinusitis or allergic rhinitis and oral, systemic therapies have not improved their symptoms, Custom Rx has a unique and innovative approach available. Per your prescription order, antibiotics, antifungals, steroids, and antihistamines are compounded either alone or in combination into capsules with a poloxamer filler that improves the dispersion of the active ingredients when the capsule is opened and mixed with sterile saline or sterile water. The poloxamer filler also contains xylitol, which is currently being studied regarding its potential to disrupt biofilms and provide its own inherent antimicrobial effect to the therapy. A NasoNeb ® nasal nebulizer is utilized to deliver the medication into the sinus cavities. A continuous strong air stream delivers the medication in large particle size to the sinuses and avoids getting the medication into the lungs, decreasing the potential for side effects. Delivery time is fast (one to two minutes) and the therapy is well tolerated by patients. You and your patients now have an innovative therapy for difficult-to-treat sinus conditions.


Wellness isn’t a destination, it’s a pursuit. Everyone’s path to wellness is unique. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses, personal goals and hereditary conditions. We hope that Custom Rx can be a trusted resource in your journey to better health, helping and encouraging you along the way.

At Custom Rx, we’re constantly looking for new ways to help you balance the demands of your busy schedule with a healthier and more enjoyable lifestyle. We offer a variety of consultative services designed to help you manage diet and nutrition, reduce and control stress, and improve the overall quality of your life.


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